Public Service Company of North Carolina

Annual Review of Gas Costs

Docket No. G-5 Sub 661

August 8, 2023, 9:00 am

Section 62-133.4 of the North Carolina General Statutes authorizes gas cost adjustment proceedings for natural gas local distribution companies. This statute requires each gas distribution company to file annually with the Commission information that lets the Commission compare its wholesale gas and gas transportation costs with the gas revenues that it has collected from its customers during the 12-month period. The Commission decides whether the gas distributor was prudent as it incurred its gas costs. If prudently incurred gas costs are greater or less than the collected gas revenues, the Commission can order changes to customer rates.

On June 1, 2023, Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc. (PSNC) filed testimony in this proceeding. The Commission has scheduled this hearing to review PSNC’s gas costs. Public witness testimony will be received at the beginning of the hearing. People who simply want to observe the hearing may do so via a link that will be available on this website the day of the hearing.

The Public Staff of the North Carolina Utilities Commission is investigating this matter on behalf of the using and consuming public.

  • Documents about this proceeding can be found here.
  • For information about testifying at a public hearing, go here.
  • You can file a comment about this matter here. Be sure to include the docket number in the subject line. You can also send the Commission a letter at the address below. In either case, consumer statements are made part of the record and will be publicly available via this website within two or three business days.


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