NOTICE TO FILERS: Documents filed with the Commission are public records and, unless marked as confidential, are made available to the public on the Commission’s web site. Anyone filing a document with the Commission should carefully review the document before filing to ensure that no personally identifying information is included in the public version of the document. Personally identifying information includes social security or employer taxpayer identification numbers; drivers license, State identification card, or passport numbers; banking account information or PIN codes; and similar personal information as defined in N.C.G.S. 14‑113.20(b). Any document filed with the Commission that includes personally identifying information should be marked as confidential and filed confidentially together with a redacted public version of the document in which the personally identifying information has been deleted or obscured. Renewed attention is being placed on this matter to ensure protection of personally identifying information from disclosure as the Commission is implementing a new docket system which will provide full text search capability to the public. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at (919) 733‑7328 if you have any questions.

For anyone interested in providing service as a competing local provider, we recommend that you review our rules in Chapter 17. Additionally, we recommend that you review the following Commission Orders: Docket No. P-100, Sub 133, Orders issued 6-18-1996 and 1-24-2001; Docket No. P-55, Sub 1022, Orders issued 10-9-1997 and its attachment, 11-21-1997, and 9-15-2004 and its attachment; Docket No. P-100, Sub 99, Orders issued 6-4-2004, 11-8-2004 and its attachment, and 9-13-2005 and its attachment; Docket No. M-100, Sub 118, Order issued 11-30-1989; Docket No. P-100, Sub 165, Order issued 08-05-2010, including Appendices; and Docket No. P-100, Sub 165a, Orders issued 5-17-2011 and 11-22-2011, including Appendices. The Competing Local Provider Application Form and the Service Quality Results Reporting Form can be accessed below under Applications/Forms.

Annual Report Verification Form

Long Distance Certificate Application (fillable)

Long Distance Certificate Application

Competing Local Provider Application (fillable)

Competing Local Provider Application

MEMORANDUM to All Persons Requesting an Application for a PSP Certificate

Application for PSP Certificate

PSP Change of Name or Address Application

PSP Application for Additional Authority


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