General Statutes

The N. C. Utilities Commission Statutes are under Chapter 62 of the General Statutes.
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Rules & Regulations

Every effort has been made to accurately convert the Commission's rules. For an official copy, please see the Commission Newsroom page or contact the Commission directly via the Chief Clerk's office at (919) 733-7328.

There may be some delay between the issuance of an Order adopting or revising a rule and its posting here. The Order will be posted initially to the Rule Revisions page.

NCUC Rules - Consolidated

Chapter 1 Practice and Procedure, R1-1 to R1-39.

Chapter 2 Motor Carriers, R2-1 to R2-80.

Chapter 3 Railroads, R3-1 to R3-10.

Chapter 4 Filing of Transportation Tariffs, R4-1 to R4-13.

Chapter 5 Investigations by Transportation Inspectors, R5-1 to R5-6, Repealed by NCUC Docket No. M-100, Sub 109, 5/20/86.

Chapter 6 Natural Gas, R6-1 to R6-96.

Chapter 7 Water Companies, R7-1 to R7-40.

Chapter 8 Electric Light and Power, R8-1 to R8-74.

Chapter 9 Telephone and Telegraph, R9-1 to R9-9.

Chapter 10 Sewer Companies, R10-1 to R10-28.

Chapter 11 Union Bus Terminals, R11-1.

Chapter 12 Customer Deposits for Utility Services; Disconnecting of Service, R12-1 to R12-17.

Chapter 13 Provision of Telephone Service by Means of Customer-owned Pay Telephone Instruments, R13-1 to R13-10.

Chapter 14 Sharing and/or Resale of Telephone Service, R14-1 to R14-11.

Chapter 14A Sharing and/or Resale of Telephone Service by Colleges and Universities Pursuant to G.S. 62-110(e), R14A-1 to R14A-11.

Chapter 15 Regulatory Fee for Public Utilities, R15-1.

Chapter 16 Radio Common Carriers, R16-1, Rescinded by NCUC Docket No. P-100, Subs 114 and 124, 12/3/97.

Chapter 17 Provision of Local Exchange and Exchange Access Competition, R17-1 to R17-8.

Chapter 18 Provision of Water and Sewer Service by Landlords, R18-1 to R18-17.

Chapter 19 Electric Membership Corporation Reporting Requirements, R19-1.

Chapter 20 Regulations Concerning the Marketing of Telecommunications Services, R20-1 to R20-2.

Chapter 21 Discontinuance or Reduction of Telecommunications Services, R21-1 to R21-4.

Chapter 22 Provision of Electric Service by Landlords, R22-1 to R22-7.

Chapter 23 Provision of Communication Services by Cities, R23-1 to R23-5.

Chapter 24 Provision of Natural Gas Service by Lessors.

Chapter 25 Hire North Carolina, Resident Contractor Utilization.

1936 Rules Regulating Electric Light & Power Companies

1952 Rules Regulating Water Utilities


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