Remote Expert Witness Process

If an Order of the Commission indicates that a hearing will be held remotely, the hearing will be held via Webex as a Webex Event.

A link to view the hearing will be posted on the main page of the Commission’s website the day before the hearing is scheduled to start. Commission hearings can also be accessed on the Commission’s YouTube Channel

Attorneys and witnesses participating in a remote expert witness hearing will receive an invitation from the Commission’s IT staff via email to logon to the Webex Event. Logging on to Webex as panelist allows a participant to be seen and heard on the Webex broadcast. Logging on to the Webex as an attendee allows a participant to view the hearing, but the attendee will not appear or be heard on the Webex broadcast.

Attorneys appearing at remote hearings must submit an appearance sheet to the Commission’s Court Reporter at The form can be found here

Attorneys and witnesses who will appear on a Webex hearing are encouraged to contact the Commission at to request a technical check of their video and audio connections. Subject to the availability of our staff, the Commission will provide technical checks to hearing participants prior to the hearing. In addition, the Webex Event for all hearings is opened at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the hearing each day. Panelists should log on to the Webex Event at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the hearing to test audio and video connections.

Below are some tips to avoid common audio and video problems:

  • Connect directly to your router via an ethernet cable rather than using WiFi.
  • Have an external microphone and earphones available. Most in-ear headphones (commonly called earbuds) also have microphones.
  • Remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking, and to un-mute your microphone when you speak.

For assistance once a hearing has started, please email Please note, assistance is limited. Technical checks are encouraged prior to the first time you attend a Webex hearing.


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